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"Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set."  Proverbs 22:28


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Our Disclaimer:  Please keep in mind in visiting these sites and especially the group discussions, that the views presented are held by those individuals expressing them.  While they may call themselves Sovereign Grace Landmark Missionary Baptists, the very nature of being Baptist allows for Christian liberty and independence from the dictates of others as to what one might believe.  This being said, the sites and groups below may express some opinions that Harmony Missionary Baptist Church, Camden, Tennessee does not believe.  Take a look at our Articles of Faith if you would like to see plain language about our beliefs.    


Landmark Baptist Church Links site:  a collection of links to other Landmark Baptist Churches and sites. This site is maintained by the Landmark Independent Baptist Church in Archer, Florida.  All inquiries and comments should be addressed to them.  Be sure to read their disclaimer at the top of the page


Short Thoughts - personal website of Jeff Short.  This site contains the Short Blog (a weblog of present thoughts) and the Short Klog (a booklog of book reviews), an archive of Short Thoughts, a few audio sermons that will be rotated periodically, and some links that you may find interesting.


The Sovereign Grace Baptist Library - This is a website maintained by Sovereign Grace Landmark Baptist Church, Cattlettsburg, KY for the purpose of providing a diversity of literature written by historical and contemporary Baptists.  

Links by Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Texarkana, TX - This site has a number of links to various articles and study material. In addition, this church sponsors Baptists Online, a site with a number of informational and church links.    


Baptist History Homepage - a collection of historical documentation on Baptist origins and heritage.  

The Trail of Blood - Dr. J.M.Carroll's history of Baptist churches down through the ages.  

A Collection of Articles on Pagan Days & Celebrations - Site maintained by Philadelphia Baptist Church, Decatur, AL

The Old School Particular Baptist Library - Website of Dr. R.E. Pound; Webmaster David R. Hethorn.  Featuring the First London Baptist Confessions of Faith and continuing the Old Faith Baptist Library.   

Providence Baptist Ministries - A comprehensive library of Baptist writers, audio, articles and other helpful material. 

Did They Dip? - A treatise by John T. Christian which has abundant comments and references on Anabaptist history.  

The Baptist Trumpet - Bi-Monthly Booklet Free Upon Request. Ministry of Ellenwood Baptist Church.  Send letter to Ellenwood Baptist Church, P.O. Box 237, Ellenwood, GA, 30294 or e-mail thebaptisttrumpet@yahoo.com 

New Testament Baptist Church (Claridon, Ohio) Online Library Links:  A large collection of various articles and books by a variety of writers.  

Selected Books by Mark W. Fenison, ThM. -  This  book collection is available on e-Bay, each may be purchased separately, and includes:  1) What is Man - A Biblical Anthropology from a Trichotomist View; 2) Who Does the Lord Invite to His Table; 3) Upon This Rock - A Biblical and Contextual Response to the Roman Catholic View of Matthew 16:18-19; 4) In Search of New Testament Churches - A Complete New Testament Ecclesiology.  NOTE: These are digital books in portable document format (pdf) and Word (.doc) that must be downloaded as files.  

Non-Sovereign Grace Landmark Baptist Links:

e-Sword Links and Files:


SermonAudio -- The largest library of FREE MP3's on the web.  Includes sermons by many different preachers, also updated daily with news and has a place for surveys and comments.



e-Sword HomeBible study software for your computer, completely free!  Offers many Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, and encyclopedias all free.  Highly recommended!

dnspad.com - link to a website filled with e-Sword utilities.


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